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Friday, November 25, 2011

Strawberry Banana Milkshake

When I was on a weight gain diet, one of the most recommended methods is to drink lots and lots of milkshake. It is full of proteins, nutrients, carbohydrates and unfortunately sugar too. Of course milkshake is an enjoyable drink and the best milkshakes are the ones that are homemade with fresh fruits.
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I made strawberry banana milkshake the other day and I have four main ingredients
a) ice cream - any ice cream you like, I don't add much, perhaps one or two scoops for a large cup of milkshake.

b) milk - what is milkshake without milk? :)  Here, I like to add more milk since milk is very healthy.

c) fruits - strawberries and bananas. There really is no limit on how much to add but it is always a good idea to strike a balance between the solids and the liquids.

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What's left is blending. I use a Braun handheld blender. Although it is not the strongest blender, it is a versatile blender that I often use to make spice paste/marinade sauce for cooking.

I like the freshness of this milkshake. Since I don't add too much ice cream, the milkshake is lighter and the aroma of strawberries is what hit your nose first followed by a subtle taste of banana on your palate. Ah, heavenly.

The number of fruits you can try is limitless. papaya, honeydew, mango, all kinds of berries, all kinds of stone fruits (peach, nectarine). Have you tried avocado milkshake? You should!!

Natural lighting makes all the differences in taking a good picture

1) If you use frozen fruits, I recommend letting the fruit thaw just slightly before blending, if you are using a handheld blender.

2) When you freeze banana, make sure you remove the skin and cut the banana into small pieces before freezing. (Thanks Lynn for this important lesson)

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