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Friday, October 14, 2011

Halal street cart

Street carts that serves halal food are ubiquitous in New York City. I would venture to say that it is as common as hotdog stand. These halal food carts serve predominantly two kinds of food. One is a lamb gyros, and the other one is chicken platter. If you live in New York City and if you ask around people for halal cart recommendation, chances are they will point you to the carts on 53rd street and 6th avenue.

The most confusing thing about this cart is that there seems to be many "sister carts" around the same street. They seem to belong to the same company, they all wear the same uniform, use the same plastic bags. However, everyone swears that there is only one authentic cart, which is the only one that opens from dinner time to 3am/4am. At any given day you will see a long line waiting for food.

Now, I have to preface that I have never had the food from that location and the reason is quite simple. I have easy access to a halal food cart, near my work place, that serves very delicious lamb gyros.

Let me explain, the food is very fresh and the chicken is cooked on the spot. The meat is sliced of the "gyro pole"? (there got to be a name for that), and hard pressed against the hot grill to char the meat slightly. The meat is served with "white sauce" (Tzatziki sauce, i think), and "red sauce" (chili sauce). For $5, I say it is a pretty good deal.

As for the taste, it is fragrantful and its aroma transfuses across the entire eating lounge area while tempting other lunch-ers around me.

Until I have sampled the food cart on 53rd street and 6th avenue, I am very content with my very own halal cart on First avenue and 68th street. 

The owner of the cart. He gave me his email address, not sure so that I can email my blog url to him or for you guys to contact him lmody@yahoo.com

The owner and his side kick

This the the lamb gyro dish

Another view of the lamb gyros dish

This is the chicken platter dish


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