I am a scientist who loves to cook because there are many similarities between working in a lab and cooking in a kitchen. I love to share my cooking experience with you and to inspire others to cook.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crispy Skin Pan Seared Chicken

I learned a trick from The Food Lab of Seriouseats.com on how to make crispy-skinned chicken. The author of The Food Lab, Kenji, says "Once that's done (put the chicken skin side down on the pan), don't touch it, and I mean it! Don't try to lift that chicken until it's good and ready to be lifted".

I didn't bother transferring the chicken to the oven because I am not a fan of cooking one dish with two separate methods unless absolutely necessary (lasagna, I am looking at you).

I bought the freshest chicken I can buy to ensure excellent taste and kept the seasoning to minimum  - salt and pepper. Some baby cherry tomatoes completes this dish.

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