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Monday, September 22, 2014

Second "My Burger Lab" review (official name is myBurgerLab)

If you missed my first review, you can read it here review.

I went to myBurgerLab for the first time more than a year ago (too long!) and I went again recently (still thinking about it!).

For those who have little patience to read through this page, here is how I would describe the experience:

took the first bite..."this is so good"....took a second bite...."hmmmmm"....took a third bite....."this is amazing".....took a fourth bite......"look at the juice"...took a fifth bite......"I don't recall it being this good the last time"......took a sixth bite....ate in silence........and.....I am out of burger.

You get the gist.

My first review wasn't glowing because of two things - The QUEUE and The Nostalgic factor. You see, I was still too hung up on Shake Shack. It was only when I learned to let go that I learn to enjoy the new. On top of that, I went on a weeknight so the QUEUE was a breezy 5-8 minutes of waiting in-line and 5-8 minutes for the food. Compare to 45-50 minutes on a weekend. I feel blessed to have the option of going there on a weeknight.

A few things got this place going for me again - the burger was very juicy and the beefy flavour was very prominent. I also ordered the double-patty burger, which came with two slices of cheese. Double the meat juice and double the cheese made this a winner. The fries wasn't over-salted like last time and I would like to think that the managers read my first review.

Now, I am already plotting my 3rd visit.

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