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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nothing to do with food

Here is a post that has nothing to do with food. I was first inspired by beautiful food photographs on other people's websites, as one friend puts it this way "It is like food-porn" (pardon the language) and she is right. A successful food photograph achieves one simple goal - you want to jump into the screen and consume it (no analogy intended).

My first step towards taking good food photographs came with the purchased of the T2i. My second step, thanks to SL, was the purchased of an interestingly shaped bowl. Then I learned how to use Lightroom photograph processing software.

After looking at photographs upon photographs upon photographs of food, I am starting to build a list of commonality between those food photography.

1) unique background surface, usually wood surface
2) simple, accented napkins
3) utensils, bowls, plates of all kinds/materials/shapes/colors
4) garnish, raw materials (ie: slices of apples/vanilla beans),
5) I am not certain about this but many of these photographers use extensive equipments such as monolight, softbox, tripods, and reflectors. 
6) others.

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